face [n1] front of something; expression, exterior air, appearance, aspect, cast, clock, countenance, dial*, disguise, display, facet, features, finish, frontage*, frontal, frontispiece, frown, glower, grimace, guise, kisser*, light*, lineaments, look, makeup, map*, mask, mug*, obverse, paint*, physiognomy, pout, presentation, profile, scowl, seeming, semblance, show, showing, silhouette, simulacrum, smirk, surface, top, visage; concepts 484,716,836 —Ant. back, behind, rear face [n2] pretense, nerve air, audacity, boldness, brass*, cheek*, chutzpah*, cloak, confidence, cover, disguise, effrontery, facade, false front*, front, gall, impertinence, impudence, mask, presumption, semblance, show, veil; concepts 633,657 —Ant. character, personality face [n3] authority, status dignity, honor, image, prestige, reputation, self-respect, social position, standing; concept 388 face [v1] come up against a situation abide, accost, affront, allow, bear, beard, be confronted by, bit the bullet*, brace, brave, brook, challenge, confront, contend, cope with, countenance, court, cross, dare, deal with, defy, encounter, endure, experience, eyeball*, fight, fly in face of*, go up against*, grapple with, make a stand*, meet, oppose, resist, risk, run into, square off*, stand, stomach*, submit, suffer, sustain, swallow*, take, take it, take on, take the bull by the horns*, tell off*, tolerate, venture, withstand; concepts 23,35,117 —Ant. hide, retreat, run, withdraw face [v2] be opposite; look at be turned toward, border, confront, front, front onto, gaze, glare, meet, overlook, stare, watch; concepts 623,747 —Ant. back face [v3] put paint or finish on clad, coat, cover, decorate, dress, finish, front, level, line, overlay, plaster, polish, redecorate, refinish, remodel, sheathe, shingle, side, skin, smooth, surface, veneer; concepts 172,202

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